My Kitty…

cat-silhouette-cats-silhouette-cat-s-eyes.jpgHi guys! If you are wondering why I love cats so much, here’s why. I got a cat for my first birthday. She was a fluffy black kitten and I named her Kitty. It was the only name I could think of at the age of one ;). So any way, I spent every minute with her and even put my baby clothes on her and tenderly tucked her in my bed. I LOVED HER!! And we were friends for many years until some other cats scared her off and she ran away. I really miss her but I know she had a good life and I have many good memories of the little black kitten name Kitty. 🙂 So that’s how come I love cats so much. And I seriously LOVE cats. All you have to do is come in my room and you know (my wall is covered in cat posters!). I hope you have fun learning about cats and how amazing they are! Bye!

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