Miss you/Prince/Boo

Hi guys! I was going to take a break from blogging this summer but I miss it so here I am!!!! I wanted to give you an update on my babies (aka my pets).

Boo the bunny is doing great. He is currently sitting very contentedly in my lap.

Prince the dog is also good. We had to throw him outside because he is correction WAS afraid of the outside. He is very protective of little kids which is super sweet and he loves to play rough with my dad and I because he realizes we are older and can handle it. He is very stubborn so it is hard to train him.

Prince and Boo’s relationship is not going well. You would expect Boo to be afraid of Prince but it is the other way around. Prince is TERRIFIED of Boo. I will change that soon though. Well that is all for now. Bye my peeps!

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