Hi everyone!!!

It is Kaelyn here from the blog, Kaelyn’s Life, to talk to you today about pet turtles I have had.  YEP!!  TURTLES!!!


Here is a picture of one of the turtles I have had for a pet!! Her name is Coral.


Anyways,  the first turtle I had for a pet’s name was Pacific.   She was a full grown female American Box Tortoise.  She was very sweet and I had her for about a year and a half.   Then, when we went on vacation, the people looking after her were watching her play around outside of her cage, and then they forgot that she was not in her cage!  She was lost.  I was sad but, I knew she would be okay and that God would take care of her.   That happened in about 2015.

The people felt really sorry about it and they found another American Box Tortoise that same week and asked if we wanted to keep her.  I said yes and we took her home.  I named her Coral.   I had her for about four years and she loved to eat bugs!!  I would take her out walking around the yard and she loved to dig holes in the dirt in her cage.   Recently this year,  with school and everything else, taking care of her was taking up too much time.  I loved her very much so, we gave her to our local state park turtle sanctuary area.  Now, she lives a very happy life, with a lot of other turtle friends!!!

Then, there was Sydney and Dare the two female baby Red Eared Slider Water Turtles!!!   They were so cute!!!  Sydney, my grandparent’s found on their property.  They were pretty sure she washed out of the pond when it rained.  Then Dare, was in the middle of the road so, we saved her!!  We named her Dare because she dared to cross the road.   We kept them for about up to almost a year or so.  After that, we released them at our neighborhood’s pond.


So, I love turtles and will continue to love them!!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about them!!  That is all and I will see you next month!!

Sign off

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