Stories about Cats that my Family had Had/or Has

Hi everyone!!  It is Kaelyn here,ajisnail’s friend!!  I know it has been a little while since some posts have been on here and I thought it would be a good time to do my once a month post today.    So, today I will be telling you some things about cats we have had and the cats we have now.

First, we had Lino and Necko aka Little Kitty.   Lino was a male tabby cat that we had and my parents named him after the leader of the Thunder Cats,  Thunder Cats was an old TV show my Dad watched.  Necko was a male black and white kitty  and his name,  Necko, means cat in Japanese.   We called him Little Kitty though. 🙂

Lino was smart, an indoor/outdoor cat, and I knew him for most of my life.  Lino lived a long life of about 16 human years and died of cat cancer last July.

Little Kitty was kind of afraid of a lot of things  but, he was  really sweet.  He was an indoor cat.   Little Kitty lived also a long life of about 15 or so in human years.   He died some time in winter last year of old age.

The third cat my family had was named Oliver or Ollie.  One day,  he just walked through our front door and made himself at home.  We thought he was Lino at first but, no it was a different cat!  He lived around the neighborhood before we adopted him.   He was a male tabby.We had him for a little while but, had to give him away because Lino and Ollie kept fighting.   He was an indoor/outdoor cat, super sweet, playful, and made cute chirping sounds.   We named him Oliver after the book character Oliver from Oliver Twist.  Our Oliver was like the book character because he was a stray too.  Also, when we gave Ollie away, he went to a farm to be a farm cat, catching mice, and living the dream.


The cats we have now our Kikko, our female tortoise shell cat, and she is almost a year old now coming up this late summer.   She is a indoor cat and is sweet and playful.  She likes us but, adores one of my younger brothers.   Kikko means tortoise shell in Japanese after the type of breed she is.  She is a month older then Bengali.

Our other cat we have now is Bengali, who is another character from Thunder Cats.   He is a male tabby and he is turning one around late July/ early August, or something like that.  He is an indoor cat.  He has the loudest purr, super playful, and loves to sleep on his back and get belly rubs.

We love our cats and we will miss the ones that we don’t have any more. To finish up, here are some pictures of Bengali, the orange cat, and Kikko, the pretty black and orange kitty.



Bengali in a weird sleeping position.

Bengali PIC 3

Bengali sleeping in a laundry basket.


Kikko resting on her cat bed in the sun!! SO CUTE!!

sillly cat!!

Bengali on top of the cat tower and Kikko in the hole underneath.


That is all for this month and I will see you next month!!

This is Kaelyn signing off!!

P.S.  You can check my blog out too,  Kaelyn’s Life.   You can find the link on the section of the blogs that ajisnail follows.  Thanks again for her letting me do this!!

thumbnail_IMG_1603 This is me!!  SEE  YOU NEXT TIME!! 🙂 🙂

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