Animal king (or queen)

Hi guys! I wanted to tell you kinda a weird, short, story. So my brother is two years younger than me and he is like my best friend. But sometimes we have little fights (all sibs do). And when we have a fight, sometimes we use quizzes to “fix” the problem. So the other day we had a fight over who should train our dog, and I said that I was the animal expert in the family and my mom agreed. So my brother started saying that actually he was. So one of us (I don’t remember who) suggested we do an animal quiz and whoever gets the most questions right is the animal king (or queen in my case). So we did a 25 question quiz and my bro went first, he got 10 questions wrong and I got 10 wrong also. So we did a rematch with 10 questions. I went first and got 4 wrong. Then my brother went and guess how many he got wrong… 4. He got 4 questions wrong. I couldn’t believe it! So we decided to share the animal throne. And now we are both dog trainers. Don’t worry we are making sure we are on the same page so we don’t confuse poor Prince. So if you are having a fight with someone, over who is the animal king. Just do a quiz. It helps! 😉

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