Crazy cat lady

Hi guys! So you should know there is an ongoing joke about the crazy cat lady. I mean everybody talks about her! Am I right? Yeah, I’m right. Lol. Anyways, but who is she? Well I have first hand experience. Seriously, I will tell you EVERYTHING… So I used to live in an apartment complex and a retirement center was right next to us. Well all the kids would always go to the swing set after school. The swings were like our hangout spot or something and they were right behind one of the retirement buildings (bad idea but not my problem). So everyday we would go to the swings and hangout, but there was a bush behind the swings and the bush was right in front of a window on the retirement building. No one ever went behind the bush because we didn’t want to bother the old people. But one girl dropped something back there so I went to get it. Anyways, long story short, I ended up scaring a cat, that was in the window, behind the bush (it actually scared me but that’s not really the point). And then this lady came out of the retirement building. Now this lady was SCARY, trust me you should be glad you weren’t there. One minute like fifteen kids were talking and joking around and the next it was complete silence. She looked like she had been electrocuted or something and she started screaming at us and stuff. And she threatened to call the police because we scared her cat! (Once again the cat actually scared me). Of course we all knew she couldn’t actually call the police on us but still… talk about INTIMIDATION. I do not get scared easily but that scared me. So now you know who the crazy cat lady is. And you also know she is no joke…


  1. I think she meant to call the police some kids on accident walked on are neighbors lawn and he called the police on them :0


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