The traveling fish

Hi guys! I bet every single one of you have had at least one pet fish in your life (maybe more!). Well I have had a LOT of fish in my life. None of them lasted very long though. Except one. His name was Robie and he was a blue beta. When we got him my dad was traveling a lot because of work and we would come with him since we are homeschoole and we can do stuff like that. But we had no one to watch Robie, so we took him on all our trips around America. My mom would take pics of Robie and post them all over Facebook. People started calling him the “traveling fish”. It was awesome! Once we went to the grand canyon and left Robie in the car. When it was time to leave we piled in the car and were on our way when we remembered, we had to take a pic of Robie! So we went all the way back just so we could take a pic of Robie at the grand canyon! We had a bunch of fun times and Robie lived a long adventurous life. But one day he just got to old and died. It was sad but I’m just glad we have so many amazing memories… And pictures! I’m also glad we went back that day at the grand canyon. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to say MY fish went to the grand canyon! Lol. πŸ™‚pexels-photo-942295.jpeg


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