A kitten story

Hi guys! So today I wanted to tell you a story about my old kitty. I was about 2 and Kitty was my best friend. (Actually she was my only friend but that doesn’t matter right now). So anyway… She was my best friend and we would do the wildest things together. Like that one time I put the poor kitten in my baby clothes and then threw her into the crib and then piled every single one of my blankets on top of her. Oh yeah did I mention that it was in the middle of summer? But anyways, you get the point. I loved that kitty and no matter what I did she always loved me back. Once when we were gone for a week we had to leave her and she was so mad that she wrecked my ENTIRE room. She was not happy that I had left her! I was very adventurous and wild and confident at that age (I’m kinda shy now) and the cat and I would go on many “adventures”. Well there was one game I loved most of all. It was called “do the laundry”. I would get a whole bunch of toys and blankets and books and put them in the dryer. My mom was used to having to get all my stuff out of the dryer before she could do the laundry. So one day she opened up the dryer expecting a pile of toys to fall out but instead she found a present waiting for her. Kitty screamed like a terrorized lady and scrambled out of the dryer and down the hall. I can’t remember but I think my mom put a stop to the laundry game after that. But what was most surprising is that after that Kitty still loved me the same! So next time you get a kitten make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the dryer! 😛


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