My bunny

Hi guys! So I wanted to tell you about my current pet. His name is Boo and he is an ADORABLE little bunny. He is half Angora and half Dwarf. Boo is grey and VERY fluffy (thanks to the Angora in him) he also has the cutest little ears! I tried to get a picture of him but it wasn’t working so I am just telling you about him. (Maybe I can get one later and show you all) 😉 Anyway he is just the cutest thing ever! And he is also brilliant! He always knows what time it is, so he has become my alarm clock. Every morning he wakes me up a little before seven (so I can get him breakfast) and starts doing his morning exercise. It’s hilarious! He runs back and forth in his cage and then starts jumping up on the little staircase in his cage. He does this several times and then I get him breakfast. It’s adorable and I laugh the whole time! Sometimes if I let him out of the cage he gets so excited that he does flips around my room. It is super cool. He also knows his name so when I call for him he comes… usually. Sometimes he ignores me cause he knows he’s in trouble. If you want to know why I named him Boo just watch Monsters Inc. It’s one of my favorite Disney movies and the little girl is called Boo. I also named my old kitty after that movie. The little girl always calls Sully kitty. 🙂 So that’s Boo! You will probably hear about him more later! 😉 Ttyl!


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