The science behind…

Hi guys! Do you ever wonder why as soon as we see a baby (kitten, human or whatever) we always think “oh it’s just SO adorable!” and then we just want to cuddle with it and make sure it’s safe and sound? Why do we do that? Are babies more special than older people or animals? No, we just have a natural instinct to want to care for babies! (Especially girls) 😉 There is science behind it. When you see a baby your natural instincts kick in and tell you that you have to protect that adorable, innocent, little thing at all times. If we didn’t have this instinct babies would be even more neglected then they already are! The instinct kicks in when we see the adorable round head and those innocent little eyes. If babies weren’t unusually cute we wouldn’t have any more of a reaction to them as we do anyone else. So next time you start cooing over that adorable little kitten living under your porch and your boyfriend (or brother in my case) starts to tease you, just tell him there really is science behind it! 😉pexels-photo-127027.jpeg


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