Be you!

 Hi guys! Have you ever realized that cats (and every other animal) just do the stupidest things sometimes? And we are like thinking, seriously? If you didn’t climb the tree in the first place you wouldn’t be up there in right now! But then you realize it’s just doing what it’s made to do. And it is kinda cute… Well, when we are going about life and we get in a jam, we start beating ourselves up! I mean like what’s up with that! We are just doing what we are made to do and yes we make mistakes (we are human) but when our cat falls of the porch rail we don’t go and beat it up so why are we so hard on ourselves? And another thing? God doesn’t beat us up either, in fact, he isn’t even mad when we mess up! He just smiles, picks us up and puts us back on the porch rail (or wherever you happen to be at the moment). So if we give grace to our cats when they accidentally knock over the food bowl, I think we can give a little more grace to ourselves when we get a B in math but we really wanted an A. So go do what you were meant to do! Be you! 🙂 Bye!


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